Getting Here

By bicycle.- It is 14.5 km. (9 miles) from downtown Cozumel to Mezcalito's so if you are planning on biking this way do it early in the morning and plan on at least a one hour pedaling journey to the east side of the island. The sun will be in front of you so you better have a good cap, cover with light material and put lots of sun block (30 or more). Although there are stores up to km. 6, you had better bring your bottle of water.
Wear bright colors and keep to the right of the road as much as possible.
Once at Mezcalito's, do not drink more than a couple of beers, because you have to go back (unless you do not mind coming back in our truck at 6:30 pm with our wonderful staff).
After dawn, the highway is very, very dangerous, mainly because nobody can see you and it is a broad road. Please do not take chances!

By Moped.- Although you can reach the east side from town in about 15-20 minutes, remember you are on a motorcycle not a car and loose gravel, a pot hole, a drunken driver or a crocodile can run in front of your bike and provoke an accident. We have a special parking space for mopeds.
Drive slow (less than 40 KPH). Always use helmets and on your way back if dark turn on your lights and if possible drive back with another motorcycle at your side.
As you reach km. 6, which is now starting to be populated, be extremely careful for children, dogs, drivers with no lights, speeding cars and what ever may come into your path. Accidents occur not only to others.

By Car.- If you have rented a car refer to our map so you can see your location, It is only a 10 minute drive from town if you use the “Transversal Road” which starts at the filling stations in downtown. Go straight east, pass the conch monument and stay on this road for (7 miles) until you get to the other side of the island. Mezcalito's is on the left, where the road deadends..
If you come from the south part of the island starting at international docks or the south end hotels, it is a 42 km (29 miles) around until you get to Mezcalito's. You will go by “Punta Sur”, “Paradise Cafe”, “El Mirador”, “Playa Bonita” , “Chen Rio”, “ Punta Morena” and The last stop is Mezcalito's.
Please park in only one parking space and if full you can park double, one of our boys will tell you to move your car. We recommend not leaving belongings inside your car or jeep. Do not tempt the devil.

By Taxi.- A cab can bring you to and from to a great day. We recommend you first ask prices for one way and for a round trip. Usually from town is $14 one-way. You can agree for your cab to pick you up at a fixed hour for the same amount. Do not always trust their punctuality and mainly if you have a ship to catch.
In the worst event, we can always help you catch a ride back into town and you can arrange from there to you final destination.

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